Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht - Berlin - International Festival Signs of the Night


18th International Festival Signs of the Night - Berlin (6th Edition) - September 16 - 20, 2020

Program 6

Sunday September 20th, 2020
13,00 h

Kino in der Königstadt


Of Gold, Rivers and People
Renata Padovan
Brazil / 2020 / 0:20:15

Gold prospecting in Rio Madeira, in the Brazilian Amazon, is an important economic activity for the local population despite being illegal, and its socio-environmental consequences. The video shows the gold prospecting process done by the local population in small barges, and tells a bit of the riverine reality.



Edu Felistoque
Brazil / 2020 / 1:28:00


The phenomenon of open-air drug use is becoming a worldwide epidemic and is one of the most complex urban challenges of modern life. Seen through different realities, from those who study it, those who try to contain it and those who live in it, the feature film documentary "Crackland" directed by Edu Felistoque opens a debate about the largest and most impactful scene of crack usage in the world: the “Crackland” of the city of São Paulo.The debate includes leaders, specialists, doctors, health workers, social services agents, police officers, judges, representatives of NGOs, medical centers and support centers, drug addicts and other professionals from various fields of activity related to the search for a solution of the problem in Brazil and other countries.Through these objects the film analyzes the causes of this evil and its progression, the combat tactics already carried out in São Paulo, opening a parallel with the strategies used in other countries.