Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht - Berlin - International Festival Signs of the Night


18th International Festival Signs of the Night - Berlin (6th Edition) - September 16 - 20, 2020



Saturday September 19th, 2020
15.30 h

Kino in der Königstadt


Absence of Light
Beatrice Aliné
Germany / 2019 / 0:10:00


You can measure the light but you can’t measure the dark. In duality we see one as the opposite of the other. Yet darkness is the absence of light. And an absence is not a measurable thing. It simply does not exist. Light protects us from our fundamental fear of the dark. But remember where there is light, there must be shadow. We live in a technological era where our dependence on energy is greater than ever before. It became an irreplaceable commodity. So one question arises quickly. What's left to do if the sun pulls the plug on you? The answer lies within the perception of the viewer. Technical note: The Video for this Submission is in stereo but the actual films audio is 5.1 surround sound.


Masel Tov Cocktail
Arkadij Khaet, Mickey Paatzsch
Germany / 2020 / 0:30:00

Masel Tov Cocktail Ingredients: 1 Jew, 12 Germans, 50 ml Culture of Remembrance, 30 ml stereotypes, 2 teaspoons of patriotism, 1 teaspoon of Israel, 1 falafel, 5 Stumbling Stones, a dash of antisemitism Directions: Put all ingredients into a film, bring to boil and shake vigorously. Then garnish with Klezmer music. Consumption: Light before serving. Enjoy at the cinema. 100% kosher.


Human Applications
Marina Landia
Germany / 2019 / 0:13:18


Are the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence worthy of our fear or celebration as we stride into a more technologically reliant future? Human Applications is an art film reflecting on the algorithmic patterns and architectures behind biological and artificial intelligence. MareNostrum 4, the supercomputer harboured underneath a deconsecrated chapel in Barcelona, provides the perfect backdrop to Human Application’s opening sequence. In the 19th century, when the church was erected, western societies broadly believed we were originated and governed by a single, divine creator. In the final sequence we meet our protagonists, a real computer scientist and his two humanoid AI agents (played by actors) in God’s house. They are the conduits for our exploration of a paradoxical world in which it is humans, not God, playing the role of divine creator. But will our creation, Artificial Intelligence, eventually come to govern us? And does this necessarily have to be a bad thing? Dialogs are based on interviews with prominent voices in the field of AI (including Chris Boos, (CEO of Arago), Prof. Stuart Russel and Prof. Kevin Warwick (Professor of Robotics and the first ever self-professed human cyborg)



The Angel of History
Der Engel der Geschichte
Eric Esser
Germany / 2019 / 0:10:35

A border in Europe. A painting by Paul Klee. A poem by Walter Benjamin. A film about yesterday and today, and how difficult it is to recognize one behind the other.


F for Freaks
Sabine Ehrl
Germany / 2019 / 0:30:00

A dystopian world in which tall people hunt small ones. Gabriela (70) is deadly ill and can hardly breathe. In order to stay alive, she orders a new lung and sets out for a difficult and unpredictable journey accompanied by three outlawed bounty hunters.