Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht - Berlin - International Festival Signs of the Night


18th International Festival Signs of the Night - Berlin (6th Edition) - September 16 - 20, 2020

It´s time to act....

Wednesday 16 September, 2020
22.30 h

Kino in der Königsstadt


DJ Oof "Meat me, why I am Vegetarian"
Jaïs Frédéric Elalouf
France / 2020 / 0:08:17


A true ecological manifesto, "Meat me" explores the other side of meat and milk production and resonates as a call to humanity, an injunction to open your eyes and take a stand quickly, because too late is soon. Directed by Jaïs Elalouf, it’s the result of nearly 10 months of academic and video research. It was necessary to disentangle the true from the false, to unveil the truth stifled by the speeches of the agri-food lobbies. Bonobo's music is hopping and softens the harshness of the subject. The result is an improbable hybrid between video clip and mashup mixing more than 20 documentaries and feature films (often royalty-free found footage). Point by point, the facts are exposed: breeding and its corollaries, the resulting health, ecological, economic and societal consequences. And yet, the solution is simple: change what we put twice a day on our plates. Plutarch thus launches to the meat eater : "If he wants you to persist in maintaining that nature created you to eat such and such meat, then kill it yourself first, I say yourself, without using a cleaver or with a knife, but as do wolves, bears and lions who, as they eat, kill the beast. " The film "Meat me" is part of Jaïs Elalouf's project "Dance Conscious" and his live performance DJ Oof Cinémix, for a sustainable and just society based on the development of body and mind.


Squatter's Realm
Adrian Schwartz
Germany / 2020 / 0:44:16


Cairo in the year of 2019. The Garbage City lays hidden under the cliffs of Mukattam mountain so that our real problem, the origin of all evil, can be forgotten. It is our very own and insatiable pursuit of property that we, the squatter, occupy the planet with. It doesn't help to put up a pitiful, western-socialized view and to travel to one of the self-revealing places of our civilization while making a regrettable film. The solution to this, our very own problem, will only be shown to those who are ready to discover their own beauty in the excretions of everyone. How else could we ever change ourselves if we don't start thinking about all the garbage on which we base our existence? A poetic discussion on garbage and an homage to the work of Michel Serres († June 1, 2019)..


Life on Wheels - Transportation for a new urban century
David Hodge
Sweden / 2020 / 0:55:00


Life on Wheels tells the compelling story of a culture on the verge of a revolution that will transform our economy, our environment, and the rhythms of our everyday lives. In this feature-length documentary, a collection of mobility mavens, technologists, and dreamers takes viewers on a journey through the highways, back alleys, and futurescapes of transportation – how we get from here to there. Life on Wheels addresses the promises, dangers, and absurdities of our current auto-centric transportation system and explores new possibilities and stories of change. The subject of mobility has vast implications. It touches our core values of freedom, health, safety, and happiness. It hits our pocketbooks and impacts how we spend our time and energy. It literally shapes our landscapes, cities, and social conditions. The path we choose will have profound implications for us and future generations..