Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht - Berlin - International Festival Signs of the Night


8. Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht / Berlin Edition
21th International Festival Signs of the Night / Worldwide

November 1 - 5, 2023
Kino in der Königstadt - - Space : movie members GmbH - Saarbrücker Straße 24 - Berlin Prenzlauer Berg



Program 1


Space Movie Member

Friday November 3 --- 18 h (6 pm)


Code of Silence

Mauer des Schweigens
Leonard Mink
Germany /2022 / 0:18:00

In 2016, the Berlin police shot Hussam H. for unexplained reasons; the case has never been solved. Inspired by this incident, "Code of Silence" sheds light on esprit de corps using the example of a German police duo, facing the decision of whether they feel morally committed to the truth or to loyalty. While pursuing a suspect, police officer Thomas loses his service weapon in a scuffle with the fleeing suspect. His partner, and long-standing friend, Grebe sees no other way than to shoot at the suspect and kill him. Thomas is not entirely convinced that Grebe's actions were right, and now has to decide whether his moral obligation is to truth or to loyalty.




Sun Under Ground

Sonne unter Tage
Alex Gerbaulet, Mareike Bernien
Germany / 2022 / 0:39:00 :

Night. Darkness. The ground exposes the film, leaving a trail of its invisible rays. The film follows this trace through space and time and looks at the material, metaphorical and geopolitical rearrangements of the element uranium. .


Another Sky

Olga Lisitsyna
Germany / 2022 / 0:18:08

Polina during perestroika marries a German and moves from Saint Petersburg to Berlin. She misses her homeland and feels uncomfortable in a foreign world. But Russia is very changed after the collapse of the USSR ...



Invisible Border

Die Unsichtbare Grenze
Mark Siegfried Gerstorfer
Austria / 2022 / 0:26:40

A deportation in Vienna in the middle of the night. Police officer Nancy and her colleague Albert have the task of evicting a family. Together with a police unit, they ambush an Albanian family without a valid residence permit. The situation escalates and the events of the night leave everyone involved traumatized.







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