Lina Samoili
Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht - Berlin - International Festival Signs of the Night


19th International Festival Signs of the Night - Berlin (7th Edition) / August 4-8, 2021



Sol del Llano

Manuela Irene Espitia
Mexico / 2019 / 0:20:00

Immersed in the natural landscape of the Colombian plains, Meli tries to find a way to pull her mother out of her emotional crisis.



Jury Declaration:

Main Award to "Sol de Llano", a delicate short film that does not need too many words, shots or explications to transport us to the intimacy of a family full of troubles and love. The childish point of view does not simplify the situations; in the opposite, it adopts a madure position and makes it easier for us to access the inner feelings and understand how tenderness works.

Director Declaration:

I am so glad the film has echoed in the minds and hearts of the jury. “Sol del llano” is a film about the importance of family and love, seen through the eyes of a young girl. Within the distance that we live at the present moment I am very grateful that festivals around the world continue their task of curating cinema and making small films available for more people. Through films we endlessly study and interpret human experience, it is a medium that allows us glances into other life experien


The Signs Award honors films, which treat an important subject in an original and convincing way


Alex Wu
Australia / 2019 / 0:18:30

A young Chinese celebrity is called into an emergency meeting after a fan of his commits suicide.



Jury Declaration:

Signes Award to "Idol" for collapsing the idol figures hidden in an aura of mystery.

Director Declaration:

IDOL is a film about the need for love; the need to be seen and the need to be heard. About the ongoing struggle between compassion and capitalism in a fast-moving world. We couldn't be more thrilled to have IDOL seen and heard by Signes de Nuit audiences across the globe.

The Night Award honors films, which are able to balance ambiguity and complexity characterized by enigmatic mysteriousness and subtleness,
which keeps mind and consideration moving

Please See Us

Chaweng Chaiyawan
Thailand / 2021 / 0:27:30

Suthit and Nonae a Lahu couple have struggled for their living in order to get a better opportunity in their lives. But the more they tried hard the more they were circle in the circuit of a powerful relationship.



Jury Declaration:

Night Award to "Please see us" for the way the film is able to describe the social and personal situation of the rural inhabitants of a land that seems to live aside from our view.


My Friend Andro

Katalina Bakradze
Georgia / 2020 / 0:14:12

22-year-old conservatoire student Andro is filmed by his friend Mariam while performing magic tricks. The audience soon becomes increasingly uneasy as the tricks get more complicated.



Jury Declaration:

Special mention to "My Friend Andro". This film looks surprisingly simple at first, but soon you notice that it wakes up some old feelings that belong to a certain forgotten fundamental part of yourself. In a very modest and minimalist way it reminds us about the beauty and necessity of magic.


Covid Messages

John Smith
United Kingdom / 2020 / 0:22:26

Based around Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s COVID-19 press conferences, Covid Messages focusses on the British government’s attempts to eliminate the virus through the use of magic spells and rituals.


Jury Declaration:

Special Mention to "Covid Messages". This surrealist short film made by just one person with just one camera, one window plus imagination and humor succeeds in drawing the absurd, funny, sad and true picture of our recent reality.