Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht - Berlin - International Festival Signs of the Night


19th International Festival Signs of the Night - Berlin (7th Edition) / August 4-8, 2021



Diana Saqeb Jamal Afghanistan


We all born to bring something to this world.

A new story. My name is Diana Saqeb Jamal. I am from Afghanistan. I started my film career with documentary. Women, society, politics, human rights and everything related to life attracts my attention. I have directed about 15 documentaries and some of them are globally welcomed.

“Twenty-Five Percent” is my first documentary which played a strong role in changing the European military policy to more human rights policy in Afghanistan.

“Mohtarama” is my another documentary which is about Afghan women movement and won several awards from around the world besides the best documentary awards from YAMAGATA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

I have always loved storytelling. It’s always been my wish to tell the story of my homeland, the country that has suffered from the years of war and violence. That’s why in the last few years I have started working on fictional cinema besides documentary. Roqaia is my short film, which is about the children, who never find the chance of having childhood. They grow up before they reach puberty and die before growing up. Those who are wounded in body and soul.

Jorge Rivero Spain

Jorge Rivero (Mieres. Asturias, 1975)

He studied Psychology and Cinema. He has directed several shorts and a documentary feature film. His shorts include "Nenyure", nominated for the Goya Award for Best Short Documenta and "La Presa", selected in numerous Spanish and international festivals.
Since 1999 he has been linked to various film festivals as director, programmer, curator or collaborator (Cortomieres, Curtocircuíto, Madrid Community Short Film Week, Gijón International Film Festival ...).
Currently he is artistic director at the Aguilar de Campoo Festival and director of PequeFilmes (Santiago de Compostela) and Mieres Film Festival (Asturias). Between 1999 and 2009 he was editor-in-chief of the cinematographic magazine Video Actualidad and since 2011 he co-directs, the first online magazine in Spanish dedicated exclusively to short films. Since 2017 he is the coordinator of Laboral Cinemateca Short Films (Asturias Short Film Office) and also coordinates the Shorts From Galicia 2020 catalog. He is also president of the Spanish Short Film Coordinatorship since 2020.


Mikhail Zheleznikov Russian Federation


Competition Short Film, Cinema in Transgression, Documentary - Focus and Thematic programs